Hi! I'm Kate...

So glad you stopped by!

Okay here goes...

I'm a Georgia girl, born and raised, but life landed me in beautiful Charleston, SC, and you won't hear me complain one bit about it :)

I'm a Jesus lover and follower. He's truly my strength & peace.

I'm all about the small things in life, the details...pretty sunsets and toothless baby grins....grass stained knees, and the smell of honeysuckle in the summer.

An old soul, a lover of drive-in movies, sports, and all things vintage. I'm convinced my pup, Zoe, is part-human, and I love her, and pretty much all animals....a lot.

Cupcakes, Fried Chicken, Sweet Tea, and my good-hearted, handy husband are also on my love-list...not necessarily in that order :) 

Photography is another love of mine....I still get butterflies before every single shoot! I have a nursing background, and was an Early Intervention Specialist, working with exceptional children and their families, before starting Mayflie Photography. It may not sound like it, but having those experiences has truly made me a better photographer. Specializing in pediatrics, I've cuddled lots of newborn babes. Likewise, when it comes to shy kiddos, I have no problem making a complete fool of myself, if that's what it takes to get that big grin :)

The fact that I get to capture and preserve life's most special moments, from "I do", to baby bump, sweet baby toes, and so much more...is such an honor, and an actual dream come true. I'm genuinely thankful for it each and everyday.